Northamptonshire - Stephen Mold

I am a local businessman and father of three who runs an international mother and baby company in Northamptonshire.

In my spare time I work with a Grandparents charity which focuses on the importance of grandparents in a child’s upbringing.

My business background has largely been in the technology sector where I have managed European businesses with multi-million pound budgets and helped to deliver some innovative products and services.

I am an active campaigner and believe in listening to local people and businesses about the issues which concern us all.

I am seeking to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for Northamptonshire because I want to build a safer community for us all. Over the next four months I will be out there on the doorstep meeting residents and community groups.

I believe that my particular set of business skills mean that I will be able to make the best use of the funding available, whilst lobbying the Government to ensure that we get the best deal for Northamptonshire.

It is my ambition to make Northamptonshire Police a world-class service, something that everybody can be proud of. I will do this by empowering the police, and giving them the tools they need to do the job. I intend to focus our police force on issues of domestic violence, child safety, cybercrime and alcohol abuse.

Criminals have changed the way in which they operate and our force should be keeping up with that. This can be achieved by working smartly and by working effectively with partners, who can bring the innovation and flexibility that our police force desperately needs.