National Security

Conservative PCCs will always do whatever is necessary to protect their communities. The scale of the threat to our country from a number of terrorist groups remains serious, and the rise of ISIL in Syria and Iraq has created new havens for terrorists from which attacks against Britain can be planned, financed and directed.

That is why this Conservative Government has increased funding for counter-terror policing and doubled funding on airport security and policing. It is also why, despite having to drive efficiency in policing, Conservative PCCs have increased the number of firearms officers in their police forces.

With a strong Conservative Government working closely with local Conservative PCCs we can ensure that our police are always ready to respond to terror threats that communities face.


Protecting against terror threats nationally

  • The Autumn Statement increased the funding for counter-terror policing in real terms to £640 million. This includes £34 million to improve armed policing capability and capacity to respond more quickly and effectively to a firearms attack. This will be distributed via the Counter Terrorism Policing Grant. Read more here.


  • It also doubled funding on airport security to improve screening, security and airport policing. This Government will more than double spending on aviation security over this Parliament. Read more here


Local successes:

  • Conservative PCCs have increased the number of firearms officers in their areas. From March 2012 to March 2015 the total number of firearms officers in police forces with a Conservative PCC has increased from 973 to 1,013. This is without including the Metropolitan Police where firearms police have more than tripled. Read more here.